09 October 2007

4-8 Oct 07: Sydney, Cresent Head

I finally made it to Sydney. We got there around lunch time on thursday. We took a taxi, shuttle bus to our Hostel, Wake up! We were able to shower and get settled before I met up with my distant family who lives in Sydney that I have never met before. Nicki and terry (Nicki's father) come to pick up Hannah and I around 2 pm. They showed us around the city of Sydney. We drove around as they ponited out different things, we went to Bondi Beach and took some pictures and then we went back to where they lived and got to meet Sylvia, terry's wife. We were back just in time for dinner. It was a good time. I am glad I met them, it was cool to meet someone related to you. Nicki seemed excited to meet me as well. She is a teacher at a primary school, and her mother is as well. Terry reminded me alot of Pop Pop.

We were exhausted when we got back, we both fell asleep at 8pm and didnt wake up until the morning and didnt even realize it. We checked out by 10 am, and put our stuff in the lockers until the Mojo surf bus came.

After we checked out, Hannah decided that she wanted to sit and do some work for about an hour before we went out into the city. So, while she was doing work I got online. But, I guess I shouldnt of done that because I got some terrible news that I still can't believe. One of my sisters in my sorority, Jess Hadden, passed away friday morning. I think I read the email about 20 times hoping it would change, I just couldn't believe it. I don't even know how to react about it all i could do was bust into tears hoping to see her one day again. I had to hear it from someone that it was true, and that what I was reading was true. I immediately called Ryan and the first thing he said to me when he picked up the phone was.. "Are you ok". He obviously knew what happened, and definatly knew jess and I were close. I wish it wasnt true, this world will never be the same again. Jess was one of those people who was always happy, seeing her smile would make you smile. Her personality was so bubbly and I guess thats why I'm so hurt. I don't understand why she didnt want to be on this planet, she committed sucide. I wish so badly that i could be home with my sisters so we could deal with the loss of Jess together. Its hard dealing with something this tough alone, and on the other side of the world. The wake was on sunday and the funeral was Monday and I hate that I wasnt there. I just wish i could be there, if not for anything else for closure. I loved her so much, and always will. I just don't really know what to think aas of now I guess. She was a good friend, a great sister and I will never forget her. I am glad I will be going to see my sisters the day after I get home, we all need to be together in a time in need. For now I just trying to stay as positive as I can, until I can be with my friends about the situation.

Anyways after I got the news Hannah made me go for a walk with her, and we just chatted. I am glad I have a friend like her here. We went and walked around Darling Hourbour and had some lunch and did some shopping until it was time for us to get on the bus at 5 pm. When we got onto the bus it ended up half the people signed up decided not to come, so we had a very light bus. Once everything was ready and we were set, the driver told us it was a 7 hour bus ride. We kind of flipped out because when we signed up for the trip Ian told us it was a 2 hour drive.

Our first stop was the bottle shop, we were told about a beach party that we were having saturday night and so we stopped if anyone wanted any booze. Everyone got off to make their purchases. Hannah and I split a 24 pack of Carlton. The next and last stop was dinner at Maccas and we headed down to Cresent Head, we arrived at 12 midnight and headed straight to bed. They had 4 rooms of bunk beds, but our group only filled 2. We went straight to bed, because we were meant to be woken up at 7 am to begin our surfing adventures. Kimbo, one of the surf instructors woke us all up at 7 am.. we had brekkie and a lesson and headed down to the beach. The walk down to the beach was quite a long one. Once we got down there, we put on our wetsuits and did some popping up practices before heading into the water. It really isnt as easy as they made it look but it was fun. I fell ALOT but I did make it up about 3 or 4 times which was awesome. I got some scrapes and bruises but it was from all good fun.

We headed back up to camp for lunch and had a seista, and they had a yoga class as well. Then at about 3 pm we headed back down for some surfing. It was hard surfing later in the day, we stayed out until 5 pm and then headed back up for showers and a Barbie (BBQ). After dinner we had a game of Jenga and what ever team lost had to do all the dishes, thank goodness it wasnt me! haha.. then we headed down to the Humpy which was the bonfire area so people at the camp can sleep. I went to bed after a few beers because I was just annoyed. There were some girls from Cali that were only about 17 and just got to Australia.. they were just very immature and annoying the crap out of me, they were so pissed and I couldnt be bothered with it. So I went to bed before I said something I regreted. I'm glad I went to bed early because the night turned into a big mess, and uncomfortable conversations and situations arose.

Sunday we were woke up at 7 am again. We had brekkie and had a surf until about 11 am. Then we come back and showered, packed and had lunch before we got on the bus for our 7 hour bus ride back. When we got back to Wake up! We stayed sunday night. When we got back we basically just passed out because we had to be up at 430 to catch a taxi to the airport. We got to the airport at 5 am, for our flight at 6 am and then arrived at Avaolon airport at 730 and took the sunbus to teh train station, and took the 9:15 train to Bendigo and finally a taxi to my hall. It was a long busy day!

Another good trip! Enjoyed it, and now its back to work. I have 3 more weeks of class and will be flying out of Melbourne on Nov 9th... But for now, I'm off to bed. Hope everyone is doing well and everything is well back in the states!!



Anonymous said...

Mandi, Sounds like your still having a great time. Im very jealous. Im sorry about your friend... I love reading your posts...Uncle Mike...

Zia said...

Well written article.