07 November 2007

7 November 2007: Packing up & flying home

HELLO!!! Well its been a busy week trying to get ready to come home. I am completely done my semester with folios and exams done as well.. and its soo nice to have a few weeks to relax before I go. I have done most of my packing and I will be ready to take off on FRIDAYYY!!! It's been a GREAT semester, and I would do it all over again if I ever got the chance its a great experience and I am 110% glad that I did it. Thanks mom & dad.

So, what am I doing now?? Well I am just relaxing and enjoying the nice warm weather while I have it, because I know its not so warm at home in the states. Today, a few friends and I packed a lunch and went to the park for a picnic it was very nice and it was soo hott which made it even better. Tonight for dinna there is a barbie so we will get a chance to grill out and chill out with everyone tonight. Tomorrow most people living at halls are packing up and leaving to go home so it will be a quiet day I am sure. So, things are going to be pretty relaxing until I leave. I just need to go up to uni tomorrow to pick up a essay and exam from my teacher so I can get credit for it at Western. I also need to make sure that they have the correct address for them to send over my grades. But, tomorrow is my LAST DAY. Its soo crazy how time flies by.. I can just remember arriving here and now I am leaving. Sounds a bit crazy- its been an aweome adventure, one I will remember for years to come.

So, Friday I leave. I have to catch a taxi at about 7:15 to get to the train station and catch a train. Then I will get to the Melbourne train station by 9:30, and will have to catch the skybus which is the bus that goes to and from the airport every day.. I will have to catch this bus at 10 to get to the airport at 10:30 in time for my flight from Melbourne to LA at 12:20. Will be strange because I leave Melbourne at 12:20 pm and arrive in LA at 7:30 am... so I will a rrive before I leave. Will be LONG day.. but will be nice to see my family by the end of it at 9:30 pm. Then Saturday morning I will be flying to North Carolina to see Ryan for a few weeks & spend thankgiving with him and his family and won't return home until Dec 1st. Then Christmas time will be great seeing all my wonderful family, and Ryan is coming to spend christmas with me this year! So excited!! Anyways.. just wanted to update you on my plans. I still have alot to look forward to. I think I will go take a nanny nap before the barbie tonight.

Love you all & will be looking forward to seeing everyone!!

27 October 2007

Halls Ball '07: 25 October '07

Well, classes are offically over!! That went by sooo fast & quickly. Thursday we had what is called the Halls ball. It's a end of the year formal dinner & award ceromony-then dancing. It was alot of fun. We got to get real dressed up as a last night out with everyone from Halls. I wore my friend Hilary's dress, and Brit's shoes. It was a good time. Each hall, there are 3 of them, had a designed time to go over and get group photos taken of the hall. Our time was 5:20...we headed over to get some photos taken and had some chamagne and finger food while we were waiting (the formal didnt start until 6 pm). After a while, everyone decided to go back and hang out at their hall before the formal began. The formal began with a dinner, we headed over to our desigend dinner and had dinner and awards. It was good fun, and there was of course dancing after wards. It was a good time. I've added some pictures so you should take a look.

So I am in the last 2 weeks of my stay here in Australia! Its been such a great experience and I can not believe that it is over already, I feel like I just arrived. Most of my friends have gone home this week which is SWOVTAC--- its the week between the end of classes and the beginning of exams. Its a week where everyone goes home to study. But I have a pretty busy week as I will be working on getting my ceramic projects ready for assessment and doing a website to submit by next friday. So, things are going well on my side and I am pretty ready to come home and attend to my needs and wants in the states!

LOve you all,

19 October 2007

Realizing more about Australia: 19 Oct 2007

Sorry it's been so long since my last post, I was in a rough spot with only days without sleep and nightmares to come...thoughts of Jess. I think its safe to say, I'm back on my feet again. It was a hard couple weeks. This week didnt really consist of much just work and more work. Today, I gave blood for the last time while I'm here and got the 2nd needle of my cervical cancer vacine. I offically have 3 days left of classes and I am super excited about it, but not excited that I have SOOO much work to get done before friday so I will be busy busy until then. I can't believe its all coming to an end, I have 3 weeks left in this wonderful country of Australia. The time flew by soo incredibly fast as everyone told me it would. I'm amazed by the friendships I have gained and the things I have learned while here. I have a new vision of things and see everything in a whole new way. I encourage anyone even just thinking of studying abroad to take the oppurtunity and go.. its a great experience.

It's so funny and true how once you are ready leave is the very moment where you feel commfortable with your surroundings. Everything is all becoming much more ordinary for me- and I know it took me a while but i finally understand what the "tall puppy syndrome" is, which I was told about at orientation in July. Basically this means taht australians dont brag about how well they are doing or how much sucess they have, they refer to everything as good. No one here talks about how they have been working hard or are doing well in their classes. No one gets excited after an exam before they know they aced it. All anyone says about such matter is, "yeah, it was good." This saying is used for alot. When I ask how people's weekends were I usually get the same response. So really, us americans cant tell how things REALLY are because the same response is given for something awesome and something soso- its just that the person doesnt want to brag about it. Really, its kinda annoying because the only way to find out if something awesome happened or didnt happen is to ask a million questions to finally get it out of them. I think its a pretty big shame because you should be allowed to be excited, life is worth it. Its even hard to keep conversations going after responses like, "yeah good".

Anyways that my speech for today! Haha.. I've really been noticing more and more about australia as the days lessen for the time I will be here. But for now, I have got to get started on some more work. But I miss everyone and will see you all soon.

Tons of love,

09 October 2007

4-8 Oct 07: Sydney, Cresent Head

I finally made it to Sydney. We got there around lunch time on thursday. We took a taxi, shuttle bus to our Hostel, Wake up! We were able to shower and get settled before I met up with my distant family who lives in Sydney that I have never met before. Nicki and terry (Nicki's father) come to pick up Hannah and I around 2 pm. They showed us around the city of Sydney. We drove around as they ponited out different things, we went to Bondi Beach and took some pictures and then we went back to where they lived and got to meet Sylvia, terry's wife. We were back just in time for dinner. It was a good time. I am glad I met them, it was cool to meet someone related to you. Nicki seemed excited to meet me as well. She is a teacher at a primary school, and her mother is as well. Terry reminded me alot of Pop Pop.

We were exhausted when we got back, we both fell asleep at 8pm and didnt wake up until the morning and didnt even realize it. We checked out by 10 am, and put our stuff in the lockers until the Mojo surf bus came.

After we checked out, Hannah decided that she wanted to sit and do some work for about an hour before we went out into the city. So, while she was doing work I got online. But, I guess I shouldnt of done that because I got some terrible news that I still can't believe. One of my sisters in my sorority, Jess Hadden, passed away friday morning. I think I read the email about 20 times hoping it would change, I just couldn't believe it. I don't even know how to react about it all i could do was bust into tears hoping to see her one day again. I had to hear it from someone that it was true, and that what I was reading was true. I immediately called Ryan and the first thing he said to me when he picked up the phone was.. "Are you ok". He obviously knew what happened, and definatly knew jess and I were close. I wish it wasnt true, this world will never be the same again. Jess was one of those people who was always happy, seeing her smile would make you smile. Her personality was so bubbly and I guess thats why I'm so hurt. I don't understand why she didnt want to be on this planet, she committed sucide. I wish so badly that i could be home with my sisters so we could deal with the loss of Jess together. Its hard dealing with something this tough alone, and on the other side of the world. The wake was on sunday and the funeral was Monday and I hate that I wasnt there. I just wish i could be there, if not for anything else for closure. I loved her so much, and always will. I just don't really know what to think aas of now I guess. She was a good friend, a great sister and I will never forget her. I am glad I will be going to see my sisters the day after I get home, we all need to be together in a time in need. For now I just trying to stay as positive as I can, until I can be with my friends about the situation.

Anyways after I got the news Hannah made me go for a walk with her, and we just chatted. I am glad I have a friend like her here. We went and walked around Darling Hourbour and had some lunch and did some shopping until it was time for us to get on the bus at 5 pm. When we got onto the bus it ended up half the people signed up decided not to come, so we had a very light bus. Once everything was ready and we were set, the driver told us it was a 7 hour bus ride. We kind of flipped out because when we signed up for the trip Ian told us it was a 2 hour drive.

Our first stop was the bottle shop, we were told about a beach party that we were having saturday night and so we stopped if anyone wanted any booze. Everyone got off to make their purchases. Hannah and I split a 24 pack of Carlton. The next and last stop was dinner at Maccas and we headed down to Cresent Head, we arrived at 12 midnight and headed straight to bed. They had 4 rooms of bunk beds, but our group only filled 2. We went straight to bed, because we were meant to be woken up at 7 am to begin our surfing adventures. Kimbo, one of the surf instructors woke us all up at 7 am.. we had brekkie and a lesson and headed down to the beach. The walk down to the beach was quite a long one. Once we got down there, we put on our wetsuits and did some popping up practices before heading into the water. It really isnt as easy as they made it look but it was fun. I fell ALOT but I did make it up about 3 or 4 times which was awesome. I got some scrapes and bruises but it was from all good fun.

We headed back up to camp for lunch and had a seista, and they had a yoga class as well. Then at about 3 pm we headed back down for some surfing. It was hard surfing later in the day, we stayed out until 5 pm and then headed back up for showers and a Barbie (BBQ). After dinner we had a game of Jenga and what ever team lost had to do all the dishes, thank goodness it wasnt me! haha.. then we headed down to the Humpy which was the bonfire area so people at the camp can sleep. I went to bed after a few beers because I was just annoyed. There were some girls from Cali that were only about 17 and just got to Australia.. they were just very immature and annoying the crap out of me, they were so pissed and I couldnt be bothered with it. So I went to bed before I said something I regreted. I'm glad I went to bed early because the night turned into a big mess, and uncomfortable conversations and situations arose.

Sunday we were woke up at 7 am again. We had brekkie and had a surf until about 11 am. Then we come back and showered, packed and had lunch before we got on the bus for our 7 hour bus ride back. When we got back to Wake up! We stayed sunday night. When we got back we basically just passed out because we had to be up at 430 to catch a taxi to the airport. We got to the airport at 5 am, for our flight at 6 am and then arrived at Avaolon airport at 730 and took the sunbus to teh train station, and took the 9:15 train to Bendigo and finally a taxi to my hall. It was a long busy day!

Another good trip! Enjoyed it, and now its back to work. I have 3 more weeks of class and will be flying out of Melbourne on Nov 9th... But for now, I'm off to bed. Hope everyone is doing well and everything is well back in the states!!


Back from Holiday: Recap of Fiji

Hello, hello my friends. Well I am finally back from Holiday (they call vacation holiday here). Fiji, Sydney and Cresent Head were all amazing...but I must admit Fiji was the best of 'em all. I don't even know where to start, it was all just so awesome. I left Bendigo on Wednesday afternoon, and got to Melbourne that night. I ended up crashing on Kim's floor that night since Nicola and Hannah were trying to get some work done before we left for our early flight in the morning. My flight was an hour later than theirs because I booked at a different time then the girls, but it all worked out well. Hannah and Nicola didnt sleep that night because they were doing work until we had to catch a taxi at 6 am to the airport (their flight was at 8, and mine was at 9). Thank goodness all my work was due BEFORE holiday so i didn't have anything to worry about until I got back. Anyways we flew from Melbourne to Sydney and then Sydney to Nadi which is the main town or city in Fiji. When we got off the plane in Nadi it was blistering hot and we were all wearing jumpers and trousers because it was cold back in Melbourne. When we got inside we were to go through customs and immagration, and while we waited in these lines there were 4 figians that had the same guitars and played for us as we waited, it was awesome. They had tropical shirts on and blue sulus it was awesome to see when we got off the airplane.

Wow, at first sight fiji was even amazing. Fiji was 2 hours ahead of Australia, so we had to change our clocks forward two hours to make sure things ran smoothly. Once we went through customs, we were to check in at the travel centre where we could get all of our vochers and things for the trip. Then we waited for our transfer bus that would take us to Sky Lodge, our free night of accomadation that came with our package. When we checked in, they ended up havinng me staying in a totally different place than the rest of my group. So since it was a free accomadation I was able to switch to wherever I needed to be. So, all four of us ended up in the same dorm which was good. We took showers, and passed out for the night- we were to be up by 7 am and ready to jump on the awesome adventures bus that would take us to the boat to begin our trip.

At 7:15 we were all set and packed and on the big yellow bus called Awesome Adventures. Our program was through Awesome advantures, our particular package was called Ultimate Lei- Full Monty. When we got to the mainnland, where everything was set and organized for our trip to start the first thinng we neeeded to do was to check in. Since I booked seperately, I had my own vouchers and things and the girls had one. They gave us vouchers for every place we would be staying at and every activitity and event we would be doing, that came with our package. After we were all checked in, they put tags on our bags and told us to jump onto the Yellow Awesome Adventures Boat. This boat was huge, it had three levels and a bar inside. It was like a bus on water. It stopped on every island and if you had the voucher for that island you were to get off. We had a five hour boat ride, until we got to our first island so I pretty much stayed on the top deck and got some sun and took a nap.

DAY ONE- Coral view

At 1pm we got off the Awesome Adventures Boat and arrived at our first Island, Tavewa Island. We arrived at our accomadation, Coral View, at lunch time. We got off the awesome adventures boat onto a small fisherman type boat that would take us to our accomadation. When we arrived there were Figians coming out to greet us and giving us a welcoming glass of juice. It was very nice, and beautiful. When we came inside we all took a seat at the tables, and listened as they explained what was around and where things were and what the plans were for the next few days. Then we were served lunch- it was vegetable curry..very good meal. They seem to really love curry in Australia...and Fiji. I don't think I ever had it in the United States. We then checked in, I was in the dorm because I paid late and the girls were in a 3 person house called a Bula it was quite cute. But it was fun, I met some cool people in there and was able to be more social hah. Then we had the rest of the day to do what we wanted until dinner which was served at 7:30 pm.

Hannah, Nicola, Kim and I got situated in our rooms and then changed, getting ready for the beach. We decided to check out the beach. As we were taking pictures of the Bula and looking around, an old man came to talk to us. He was telling us that his wife was in the original Blue Lagoon movie, and that he's lived on this island for 20 years. I looked around and as peaceful and gorgeous as it is, I dont think I would be able to live on an island for 20 years.. much less 1 year. But, I guess its what you make of it. He also told us about this place, about a 15 minute walk around the island that sells homemade ice cream and cake. Nicola, being the sweet tooth that she is, was excited about this and thoughts maybe we would go find it later today.

We headed down through the trail to the beach, and on our way we saw some random cows it was quite interesting the thinngs you see on the island. The water was like bath water, it was crystal clear and sooo warm. I love it here!! We layed there and played in the water for a while...and then decided to go for a search for homemade ice cream. We finally found it, after walking 15 minutes around the beach! It was well worth it. $1 figian dollar for a big bowl of homemade ice cream! After ice cream we walked back, showered and got ready for dinner. There are NO hott showers on the island, but with the hot humidity really you didnt need a hot one. Dinner was at 7:30 followed by some Figian dancing and games. Then some drinks and a bonfire later.

DAY TWO- Coral View

Today we woke up at 8 am sharp for breakfast. We all had breakfast together for an hour. Then today we had an underwater cave trip to go to as part of our package. I was very excited about this trip. It was at 9:30 am, we all headed down by the beach and got into one of the fisherman's boats. The figian tour guides jumped in as well and took us to the island where Blue Lagoon was shoot. I think i would of enjoyed it more if I have seen that movie, but thats one I never got around to watching. When we arrived we all jumped out and followed the guides up some stairs that led down to the caves. One by one, we jumped into the water. After everyone was in, we swam around for a while in this cave watching the guides jump off the rocks and then proceeded to the first cavern which we had to swim through an underwater tunnel to get to. It was really awesome, very dark but awesome. We swam around for a bit, then the guide had us all sit in the corner so he could tell the stories of the caves. He explained the stories, trying to scare us but then saying all of these things can only be seen with Figian eyes. So basically he made up a bunch of stuff to try and scare us.. it was quite funny though. After the stories, we swam back to the first cave and he explained that one of the rocks was the very rock the lady was sitting on when she had her first monthly period, I'm assuming thats a big part of the movie. I wouldnt know, I never actually have seen the movie. After that we were all ready to get out, sea lice was getting us pretty bad so we all jumped on out and swam at the beach until it was time to go. While we were there, we managed to find a real blue startfish. It was real, I have never seen one in real life. It didnt really do anything at all, so it was no dofferent than a fake one to me, but it was still pretty cool.

We got back just in time for lunch, it was a good lunch. I can't exactly remember what it was that we had but I know it was good. The portions were tiny, but good. After lunch, Nicola decided to go scuba Diving. She was trying to get certified while in Fiji so she had a bunch of courses to do while at each place. Scuba Diving was extra, and i didnt want to pay for it. I was just fine with Snorkeling and such. So while she was diving, the rest of us went and relaxed on the beach. It was so relaxing it wasnt too hot, and definatly not too cold. It was good weather, I actually fell asleep on the beach and of couorse getting so very sunburnt because of it. I did put sunscreen on, but of course not enough. In Fiji you cant use anything lower than 30+, the sun is sooo strong and will burn you within 20 minutes. We were out on the beach for most of the day, I went in the water for some of it because again bath water it was. Gorgeous, and nice. I loved it. After the beach, we took our cold showers (although it felt so good because I was soo burnt) and go ready for dinner and games. After dinner Nicola went back to the room to try and get some work done for a paper she had to get done for when we returned. Kim was very burnt as well- she has pale skin and doesnt like to use sunscreen so she wasnt in the mood of doing anything but sleeping. Hannah and I stayed and played some games. One of the games we played was limbo and we won free cocktails because we won, it was pretty sweet! While playing Limbo, I broke my thongs (flip fllops=thongs in Australia) and they were the only ones I brought to Australia/Fiji so I had to use an extra pair Kim brought for the rest of the trip. Goodness, they were only $2 and from old Navy so it wasnt that big a deal. After the games, we had a bonfire down by the beach but it ended bad. By 11:30 it was over because it started pouring and we ALL RAN to our dorms for the night. It wasn't a good end to a night.

DAY THREE- Coral View/WannaTaxi Cruise

Day three, we didnt do much. Woke up for breakfast at 8 am and had to check out by 9 am and put out bags out by the front. Then we got to lay by the beach and such until we left at lunch time. We took the fisherman boat out to the "Big yellow Boat". About ten minutes after we got on the big boat, we had to switch to a smaller white boat because the yellow one was having engine problems. We all switched on and had some time sitting on this boat. Our next destination was Wannataxi cruise. It was cruise, but it actually didn't move at all which I thought was strange. This boat looked just like the big Yellow Boat from the outside, but inside it was different. It had an inside that was air conditioned with twenty four beds all bunked. Also, inside was a few couches and a TV to lounge around in if you didnt want to be outside. Down the VERY steep stairs, there was ONE shower ( WITH HOT WATER) and stalls for bathroom. Then upstairs from the beds was the upper deck. It wasnt much, there was a bar with a few tables and then a small area where the snorkle gear was located. We got on the boat at about 2 pm and had the rest of the day until dinner to do whatever we wanted. They had a bunch of watersports that were included we were able to use. Dinner was at around 7ish. During the day I didnt really do much. I took advantage of the snorkels and did some snorkeling under the boat which was pretty cool. The boat was pretty high from the water, so a bunch of us decided to jump from the top. It was a thrill for sure, it was real fun. Most of us spendt the rest of the day doing that and snorkeling. Its so fun, most of the people that were at Coral view traveled with us to the wannataxi cruise so it was great to have such a bbig group to travel with through the islands.

Everyone showered and got ready for dinner at 7 pm. We had dancing and games after dinner which were really fun. We had a quiz on Figian facts, and I actually found out alot of things I had no idea about. Alot of films were taped and filmed in fiji that i didnt know about. There are actually 360 islands in Fiji but only 41 of them are reachable and are inhabited. The two big towns in Fiji are Nadi and Suva. The $5 figian bill has the Wannataxi on the back. Bula (how people greet you) means hello and good by. There is no word for Cheers. The next game we played was "The balloon game". This game you blow up a balloon and for each round you put the balloon between you and your partner in a different place each time and the first group to pop their balloon loses. We were the first to get out, guess I'm not so good at that game haha. But it was good fun. Afterwards, we chilled out and had some drinks then headed to bed. It was a good night.

The next day, was good but not as good as the last few days. It rained for most of the day! We woke up for breakfast and then had the rest of the day to do what we wanted. Hannah and I did some Kayaking which was kool, hard work but was good. Although, I got eaten up by some coral after we fell over. It was heaps of fun. Then we did some snorkeling but that didnt last long because there was sooo much sea lice in the water. I think they only come out when its dark and bad weather. For the rest of the afternoon, I sat and played cards with Nora and David. At 3 pm, they sang their goodby song and thanked us for coming and we were off to our next destination.

DAY FOUR/FIVE- Waya Lailai

Next Island was Waya LaiLai Island. This was a nice Island. When we arrived we were took into this room and this lady with a very soft voice explained the details and things around the Island. Here I bought a T-shirt and looked around the Island. After lunch, Sanita and I went on a village visit...everyone else couldnt fit it in with diving and such. Nicola decided to do her diving and get certified, she had a bunch of chapters to read and tests to take and hopefully within two days she will be certified but it costs ALOT of money for all of that. Sanita and I left on the fisherman boat and they took us over to their village and showed us around. We were able to look into te schools and see what the village was like. We saw the teachers, the markets and I saw a Rooster haha. It was interestinng. Then we sat on the beach for a while. It was neat to see their village. Its alot different then a normal life. Then after lunch we went on a summit walk. This walk was a walk from hell. We were to walk to the very top of the moutain, which took an hour and half to walk there, and another hour and half to walk back. I asked the guide if it was ok just to walk in Flip flops and he said it would be fine and I ended up having to take them off and walk barefoot the whole time. My feet were completely cut up and by the time we got back I couldnt even walk. I guess the figians are all use to never wearing shoes thats its ok for them. My feet sure couldnt take it. So if you ever come and think it might be a good idea.. THINK AGAIN. It was horriable and everyone thought it was so funny about how I looked when I came back I looked like I had just been attacked. It was a good view, we saw the sunset and it was gorgeous! I also went on a reef snorkeling trip where I saw sharks, it was real neat.

DAY SIX- Bounty

Our next Island was Mamanuca Island, home of Bounty Resort. This is the resort where Survivor was filmed as well as an Australian show by the name of Love Match- I think thats what it is called. We didnt have much time on this Island. We arrived at about 6:30pm and of course it was still raining. We were given room assignments and I got lucky because I was put in the only air conditioned dorm. The other girls were in the smaller dorm, which was not air conditioned. This was our last night with some of the group so we sat out and hung out drinking and such. I didnt want to spend so much money so I didnt stay out as late as the others. We were meant to leave by 9 am for our last day!

DAY SEVEN- Sea Spray

We took a fishermans boat to the big boat that took us the the sea spray boat. But, Hannah and Nicola never made it onto the fisherman boat so I was pretty worried the whole time wondering when they are going to meet up with us. this was one bad time with having cell phones not working. I couldnt figure out where they were or anything. But eventually they made it to the sea spray boat so I was happy. Here we went on another village visit, and saw the Kava ceromony and browsed around the market that the figian women had set up. Basically they just buy these things from Jack's and sell them for cheaper so earn money. We also got to lay on the beach where Castaway was filmed. It was fun, we tryed to find Wilson but had no luck. Afterwards we setted off back to the white bus- and we were off to our last Island

DAY EIGHT- Beachcomber Island

This was definatly the party Island. I haven't seen more Americans at any other Island. It was quite crazy. But too bad I wasnt feeling well when we were here, but thats good because I didnt want to spend money anyways. I feel asleep at 9 pm but woke up when the girls came back-they were all sick but it seemed like they had good time. But it was good and our last day was sooo hot it was even hot in the shade. People were getting sick and over heated. We caught the boat back at 5 pm and were able to lay out on the beach all day for our last day!

We got back to mainland, and stayed one last night in Nadi and flew out saturday mmorning! It was a great trip!! I loved not having technology for a week. No cell service and no one could get a hold of me, it was just great. I didnt have any worried except about where we wanted to lay on the beach! It was amazing, if you get the chance you should definatly go! It was soooo awesome and so worth the trip. If I had the chance I would definatly go again! I know this is the place mom would absolutely love. Anyways I hope all else is well back in the states. Sorry it took so long for an update on Fiji!! I'll add some pictures soon.

Love you all,

01 October 2007

20-29 September '07: Fiji was amazing

Oh my lord, may I just say Fiji was absolutely amazing. I couldn't of even imagined a better trip. I dont have much time now, so this is going to be a short blog. But I Just got back saturday night from Fiji and am leaving thursday morning for Sydney until Monday. I am staying in Melbourne with some friends until Hannah and I leave on thursday for our sydney trip. I just wanted to write a short blog letting you know I am alive, hhaa. I will write a more detailed blog when I have more time when I arrive back in Bendigo on Monday.

Anyways, my trip was awesome it was a tour of the different islands and by the end of the trip I felt gross and smelly but it was all well worth it. We got on the "Big yellow bus" which transported us to the islands and activities that came with our package. We would go to one island stay for a night and then get back on the big yellow bus and go to the next island and stay there and so on. It was good fun and a well worth it trip. The sun was VERY hot and strong that you had to where 30+ or you would get touched. I got pretty tan and I am happy.

Anyways I'm off with Hannah, I will write more when I have time next week! Love you all tons.


16 September 2007

15 Sep '07: Silverchair & Powderfinger Concert!!!

So last night I went to the Silverchair and Poderfinger concert and it was sooooo good!!! Silverchair is pretty well known in the US, but powderfinger I had never heard of until last night...both bof these Australian bands were awesome!

I picked up Kim, Hannah and Nicola from the train station at about 5, and we had about an hour to get ready until Laurs was gonna drive us to the concert since its way downtown. It started at 6, so we got there at quarter past and collected our tickets from the box office and headed in. It was held at the Bendigo Showgrounds which was quite small compared to the size of places concerts at home would of been held. But this is a sold out concert and every hotel is completely booked in bendigo because of it. Anyways we headed in and looked around a while to see what was around. Our first stop was the Tshirt and merchandise tent. Hannah and Nicola decided to purchasing tshirts- I decided against it because I didnt want to spend $40 for a tshirt that I wold probably never wear again. Since the band hadnt started yet, we decided to go to the bar and get a beer before they came on. As expensive as it was, we stopped at one and didnt get anymore. Plus, you were not allowed any alcohol in the actually concert...they had a seperate tent for the bar and you were not allowed to leave with alcohol into the concert. Alot different that something as Merriweather. Also, here in the concert there was only standing and no seats or anythinng which I also thought was different.

After we finished our VB's we headed into the concert. Silverchair came on first and they were amazing. They sang some old ones, some new ones and some famous ones. It was good. They were on for about an hour and while they were on, one of the singers proposed to his girlfriend Natalie on stage.. It was the cutest thing ever!!! Lucky girl she is. Another thing the guitarist played the guiatar with his tongue, and did it pretty well. It was pretty kool. During Silverchair we lost Nicola somewhere so during the break between bands Kim and I headed to the toliets and eventually found her at the burger stand so we decided to get some burgers as well...which actually werent that great afterall but I guess it kept us from being hungry.

We headed back in, Hannah still in where we were but we didnt end up finding her again so we all decided to meet at the "meeting place" which was the burger stand at the end. Powderfinger came on at about 8:45 and they were on for about an hour. Their songs were actually pretty awesome, i really enjoyed their music. I really got into them. They told us that because they didnt have anything cool to do like propose on stage, they were going to swim naked in the fountain in the centre of town which is not running because of the water restictions... haha. Who knows if they actually did. Anyways they were kool. At the end both bands came on and played together! It was freaking Sweet!!!!

After the concert we were going to this one love after party which ended up being pretty awesome. They had all kinds of Dj's, free drinks and cheap spirits. It was a good night. Trying to get there was a mess. After the concert we called for a taxi but it ended up that there was no taxi's for teh concert and we had to jump on this bus that was going to drop us off into town. Well, it ended up that this bus only stopped at the train station and went back and forth from the concert to the train station so we all had to get off there. Luckily, we met some guys who were on the bus with us that was confused as well as to why they werent going into town. We walked with them and found our way to the pubs. After our 20 minute walk to Black Swan, we showed our tickets and got in.

The night was awesome, to much to explain in detail... but we didnt leave until 5, and then we stopped at Zoo Cafe for some Poatato gems... the best drunk food made to man, it was awesome. Then of course we had to wait in the taxi line that always takes forever.. so we didnt get home until 6 am. But- man it was a good time, we met so many people and I do believe the girls had a good time as well...It was definatly a night to remember. So many memories and good times.. take a look at the photos!!!


Oh and I wanted to add this tid bit: I got an internship for next semester. I will be working for a publishing company in Waynesville! :) I'm VERY excited.